Become a Wordsmith

Are you passionate about writing and would you  love to make a living doing it?

Are you ambitious and self motivated?

Do you enjoy traveling and meeting new people?

If you answered yes to these questions then becoming an American Wordsmith may be a great career for you!

We are currently in need of creative writers to join the American Wordsmiths team to help us share great stories with the world!

Here's the great earnings potential you have as an American Wordsmith:

 PackagesLevel 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
 Moments  $30 $34$40$50
 Story $150$170$200$250

Level 1 – All of our writers start out at Level 1

Level 2 – You will reach Level 2 after composing a total of 5 highly rated stories

Level 3 – You will reach Level 3 after composing a total of 10 highly rated stories

Level 4 – You will reach Level 4 after composing a total of 20 highly rated stories

Here's how it works:

  1. Download the American Wordsmiths app and create an American Wordsmiths account
  2. Go to your profile and apply to be a Wordsmith
  3. Once you are selected to join the American Wordsmiths team you will be added to our pool of talented writers
  4. You will get a notification once a Wordsmith request is made in your area
  5. You choose which Wordsmith request you would like to work on
  6. Once you are selected for the project, you work closely with the Connection to coordinate an interview with the Voice
  7. The next step is to bring the stories to life with your writing skills and share them with the Connection for their approval
  8. Once your story has been approved and published your work is complete!
  9. The Connection gives you a rating based on the quality of your work. Wordsmiths with the best ratings tend to be selected more often and in turn make more money. Each good rating brings you one step closer to the next level of writing and earning potential as an American Wordsmith!

Join our movement and become an American Wordsmith today!